From the recording Into the Lantern Waste

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Come Further Up

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Come Further Up
There’s a song that I’ve wanted
to sing for so long
But the tune is just out of my grasp
I may see for a moment
When the lights reflects gold
But so delicate, slips from my hand

Every word that I sing
Is a cheap imitation
Of things that I don’t understand
Light reflecting on water
The picture gets harder to see
With the eyes of a man

I hear
“Come further up, Come further in
The greatest story, none on earth have read”

So I’ll search for the melody
Offering everything
Till I am called out by name
Cause the chord that was struck
On the strings of my heart
Is still echoing throughout my frame

And when this long day ends
And the morning begins
And the Song that has found me I’ll sing!
Written over my bones
In a carving on stone
By a rose, let my epitaph read

Come further up
Come further in
My greatest story
Has yet to be read
Marvel of Marvels
Of all that He said
I who am nothing
He called beloved