From the recording Into the Lantern Waste

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Digory's Regret

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Digory’s Regret
Lines from the spell that were meant for destruction
Words tasted bitterly sweet on my tongue
Polly warned me but I wanted freedom
Even then I knew just what I done

No one says it but mother is dying
No one says it but we’re all afraid
I can hear what they say in the hallways
Whispering on the number of days

Now a Genesis newly corrupted
Now a story to start with a fall
All because I could never keep quiet
Just a tongue that brings ruin to all

Wait, I hear
A voice that’s singing
A song I’ve never known before
The very chord
Awakes and praises it’s
Maker as the earth is formed
Wait, I see
There in the lion’s eye
A tear much greater than my own
Could it be that He possesses a
A greater love than I ever known