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Shasta's Complaint

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The Horse and His Boy
Waves that beat upon the shore, they brought no peace
Somewhere else I must belong, somewhere for me
Who was it left me there, a boy scared and alone?
No, I don’t think you heard me calling, always thought, He must not know.
Surely he would never leave me, he wouldn’t here alone.

You tell me now that I was never on my own?
Well pardon me, I don’t remember you at all
Cause with my back against the tomb, I called you out
But I don’t think I heard your answer, I don’t think I heard a sound
I don’t recall you in my anger I don’t remember you around

But he answered, “Who are you to question me?
Do you command the mountains or calm the raging sea?
For I am the current, I was there to save your life
A man may find his eye deceiving, a fool holds on to trust his sight
A wise man knows that his own feeling may not with the truth align

And you think you have never seen my face?
But every moment you’re alive, you know my grace
For only death in this cruel world is justly deserved
And you say that I don’t answer, just because you have not heard
But you don’t know how to listen or to understand my words
My love,
I cared for you
I was the comfort
You felt in the house of the dead
I drove from you
Beasts in the night
All of this I have done while you slept
All of this by my design
Every chapter and word
I’ve written every line