From the recording Into the Lantern Waste

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Puddleglum's Anthem

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Puddleglum’s Anthem

In the warmth of the sun I believed
Circumstance often changes
The way that I see
For the first the time a shadow found me
I doubted the sun for the lack of heat
And I ran but he ran after me

He said remember these signs
So I said them each morning
And held to them tight
But at the first chill of the night
I gave up His words for the warmth of a fire
And traded His love for a lie

I said I’ll never forgot
I will call out your name
Through the storm and till death
But the crow came three times as He said
And I held tight my tongue just to save my own head
And I watched from the ground as He bled

But oh
You complete your plans
With our broken hands
You have shown
I have seen you work
Raising life up from the dirt
This I know
See that thread of sin?
Seamlessly woven in
This I know
See the lion see the lamb
You complete your plans
This I know