1. Lucy's Tale

From the recording Into the Lantern Waste

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Lucy's Tale

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Lucy’s Tale

I’ve been feeling so restless
Got no place to call my own
When I know I don’t belong

There’s no place to lay my head down
Cause I’m just a wandering soul
And in the end I feel alone

Tell me a story
Of redemption
You’re the only peace that I have ever known
I’ve been so cold
This long winter
But there’s something written
Etched into this stone

I’ve been living in the shadow
Weeping over blood
But yet to see the empty grave

Cause I’m still hoping in the not yet
Clouds are covering the sun
But I’ll believe while in the shade


I heard a roaring in the distance
In the earth a trembling
Like the crumbling of stone

I looked down to see my footprints
When never in my memory
Had I seen the melting snow