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Into the Lantern Waste

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Into The Lantern Waste

I met a man at the park on a bench
He was looking at home with a paper and pen
He said, “Daughter, I have been through the Shadowlands.
For to hurt is to love and to know that you can
That you are not alone, we all are broken

He said, “You cannot diminish the glory of God
By refusing to worship, like if locked in a cell
On the walls, you write “darkness” to put out the sun
So you might turn the page or you might shut the book
But the truth is still truth even if you don’t look

He spoke to me then, “Are you looking for truth?
Or is it wishful thinking and comfort you choose?
On the edge of a sword and the knot of a noose,
On the way to your death, should I reassure you?
But the comfort will come, if you search for the truth

See here I’m still stuck on these fairytales
With a lion, a wardrobe, and magic unveiled
For there’s truth in these pages, in each line I read
I’m the boy that betrays him, I can clearly see
But the lion that saves him is bleeding for me