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I’ve been to London, I never saw Rome
But I think that Chicago the place I’ll now go
Bright shiny lights look like silver and gold
but there’s something about it I still can’t call home

What used to please, what I used to love
Tastes like ash in my mouth and it’s never enough
Got me thinking I just don’t belong
and there’s no place on earth that it’ll feel like my home

I’ve searched the world for that feeling of peace
but I’ve got no solution and I feel no relief
Someday I know I’ll taste death that’s quite sweet
for Your own on the cross took out all of the sting

Try as I might seems I cry everyday
for my plans all fall out and I can’t find a way
Maybe the point is I’m not on my own
and to try by myself is to claim this as home
Once while in Scotland, atop Arthur’s Seat,
Your creation astounded, this heart skipped a beat
That’s when hit me, that I’m not yet home.
Oh my Lord I am ready, please let your kingdom come