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  1. Human


A map of where you've been
Is hidden in your skin
The truth of who you are
Is written your scars
And I know it's hard to say
When you do not feel the same
But the sun is that much warmer after rain

Once you fell in love
Chills at just at his name
Now you feel the hurt
But you still would never trade
The contrast of the two
Is the ache inside your veins
But the love is that much sweeter because of the pain

I know the pain of sin
Is deep inside in your bones
For I know the pain I'm in
Cause I'm longing to be home
When at last I will be done
And finished with the race
Oh the best part about being human is Your grace

There's something beautifully human about it, about it
Something beautifully broken about it, about it
There’s something human